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Rushmore for a chase scene in North by Northwest In his teens, he was determined to break into film making, and by brashness and ability he won a job in writing and illustrating title cards for silent pictures.

She goes to live in his huge English country houseand struggles with the lingering reputation of his elegant and worldly first wife Rebecca, who died under mysterious circumstances.

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Francois Truffaut, a leading director of France's New Wave, praised him as "the most complete film maker" of all American directors and "an all-round specialist, who excels at every image, each shot and every scene. Smith to the bleak film noir Shadow of a Doubt He was nominated for directorial Oscars five times, for "Rebecca," "Lifeboat," in"Spellbound" in"Rear Window" in and "Psycho" in To the older generations, it was a new level of suspense; I have been told stories of grandparents who, after watching this film, developed a phobia of birds.

Hitchcock was famous for his involvement in his films, not only did he appear in the trailers but he had a cameo role in each one of his features perhaps this is where comic creator, Stan Lee got the idea for his Marvel film cameos…?

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Alfred Hitchcock Dies; A Master of Suspense