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Finally, I believe that many parents have a hard time looking at their kids in a realistic light. And to do that we have to respect each other. The kids in this video said they think everybody is entitled to be treated with respect. All kids have conflicts with their parents. Try this definition of respect for kids, written in terms children can understand, and with examples of what is respect for others and what is respect for self. How does that make you feel? We ourselves decided to take on these responsibilities. For example, putting the needs of others first is one way to show respect.

Talk About What Happened Afterward If your child is disrespectful or rude, talk about what happened once things are calm. As long as her choice is not a danger to safety or health, is not too financially consuming and does not hurt others, I honor it.

Respect is how you treat someone Showing respect to someone means you act in a way that shows you care about their feelings and well-being. What do you like the most? Even for those who have had a happy childhood, they may still have unresolved issues that prevent them from being the best parents they can be.

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6 Helpful Tips for Teaching Kids Respect