A study of the life of benedict arnold

He led attacks against the Americans at Richmond and New London. He led the militia north to Boston after the Battles of Lexington and Concord to help with the siege of Boston.

benedict arnold quotes

He later said in his own defense that he was loyal to his true beliefs, yet he lied at the same time by insisting that Peggy was totally innocent and ignorant of his plans. Set limits.

All his young life, he was brought up to believe he was better than other people and when his dad lost the family fortune and he was pulled out of boarding school, he was pissed off, because he was raised to believe the family name was everything, and now New Haveners made fun of him in front of and behind his back.

Oh, the wicked irony! Set boundaries. Soon Arnold was promoted to the rank of major general. At 27 years old, he made his living in the most successful convenience store and bookstore in New Haven, Connecticut, but was very angry because of the British Stamp and Tax Acts impact on his bottom line.

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Benedict Arnold