An analysis of hektors heroism in the iliad by homer

An analysis of hektors heroism in the iliad by homer

Physically and symbolically isolated outside his community, he is cut down by Achilles. He was a marvelous Greek hero, but his accomplishments paled in comparison to his friend Odysseus. As a mature man with a family and with strong feelings about his responsibilities, Hektor is a contrast to Achilles' frustrations and passionate outbursts of emotion. Hektor's gravest error, of course, occurs when he refuses to take refuge within the Trojan walls. Iliad is known now as one of the oldest in two surviving ancient Greek epic poems relating the events near the end of Trojan War. It was prophesied that he would be defeated in battle by being pierced in his only vulnerable spot: Achilles' heel thus the expression He is also viewed as the future king of Troy, and as such, he already shows his responsibility to the community. You may also draw from The Odyssey.

Indeed, it is often the gods, not the mortals, who seem casual, petty and small-minded. In ancient Greece, a hero is any human descended from the gods and bequeathed with superhuman abilities.

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In reality, the people who revolt are the heroes trying to save their country, and the leaders are corrupt, power-hungry, cruel people. Paris' behavior places Hektor in a dilemma: It is socially necessary to protect Paris, but it is also morally and socially correct to rebuke him.

Hektor fails to maintain a heroic balance when he overestimates his powers and refuses to retreat when necessary. They are often used as a way of explaining how or why an event took place, but they are also sometimes used as comic relief from the war, mimicking, parodying and mocking mortals.

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Essay on Hector as the True Hero of Homer’s Iliad