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Roosevelt had declined to run for re-election to the presidency indeciding to exit politics and go on a yearlong African safari Ellis,p. He believed that African Americans as a race were inferior to whites, but he thought many black individuals were superior to white individuals and should be able to prove their merit.

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He was also the nation's first environmentalist President, setting aside nearly million acres for national forests, reserves, and wildlife refuges. They both wanted the betterment of America both domestically and at the world stage. More profoundly, they represent a refusal to accept constructions of the United States as an exceptional nation, presided over by exceptional men. Campaigning in , Franklin named Theodore as one of the four most interesting men in American history, and one of the few presidents who had successfully adapted his office in response to contemporary realities. He caused a major controversy early in his presidency when he invited Booker T. Both had their own beliefs of how reform, empowerment of the people and foreign policy should be accomplished. He believed that as President, he had a unique relationship with and responsibility to the people, and therefore wanted to challenge prevailing notions of limited government and individualism; government, he maintained, should serve as an agent of reform for the people. Navy, which he believed would deter potential enemies from targeting the country, and he applied his energies to negotiating peace agreements, working to balance power throughout the world. He was the vice president under William McKinley, he came into office in , just before his 43rd birthday. He fought for what he believed and never backed down from that belief.

InDickinson State University DSU began to explore the legacy of the 26th President as a tribute to his historical legacy and admiration to the territory that the university resides today. He was always a cowboy at heart.

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Upon victory, he vowed not to run for another term ina promise he came to regret. He conquered the frontier and went on to conquer other countries as well. He was also an extremely popular President and the first to use the media to appeal directly to the people, bypassing the political parties and career politicians.

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In and again in , historians selected and polled by Arthur Schlesinger had ranked Theodore Roosevelt as the seventh greatest president. Teddy Roosevelt and the White Fleet and the Big Stick, those are days that related to a period of empire, when great nations did as they pleased, with little hindrance. His "Square Deal" domestic program reflected the progressive call to reform the American workplace, initiating welfare legislation and government regulation of industry. President because he greatly strengthened the power of the executive branch. He was the first president to win reelection after gaining the White House due to the death of his predecessor. Theodore Roosevelt died less than a year later. Lewis A.

Though he had already been a public servant for nearly two decades, Theodore Roosevelt became a national hero for his role in the Spanish-American Warespecially in leading the Rough Riders regiment. He also was impetuous and did not hesitate to work around the regulations to get what he wanted.

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Theodore Roosevelt: Life in Brief