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The publication of The Psychology of Occupations would introduce Roe's theory of personality development and career choice, her most enduring scientific contribution.

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Every little mistake by the child attracts severe punishment from the parents. That occupation is potentially the most powerful source of individual satisfaction at all levels of need; and 2. Emotional Concentration on the child 2. Maslow considered these needs to be innate and instinctive but apart from physiological needs modifiable, and proposed that the lower the potency of need in the hierarchy, the more it is suppressible Maslow, Low level b.

Skill a. Need for information 5. It is concerned primarily with the organization and efficient functioning of commercial enterprises and of government activities.

Needs for which even minimum satisfaction is rarely achieved will, if of a higher order, become eliminated, if of a lower order, prevent the appearance of higher order needs and will become dominating and restricting motivator.

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Anne Roe's Theory of Occupational Choice