Annotated bibliography format

Briefly examine and review the actual items. The entire document is double spaced from the title to the last line. Take care not to include any unnecessary details, as the goal is to summarize each source as succinctly as possible and, in some cases, evaluate them. Various kinds of annotated bibliographies: Annotated bibliographies do come in many variations.

Summarizing the argument of a source: An annotation briefly restates the main argument of a source. For most of your annotated bibliographies, however, you will be writing analytical or critical annotations.

Annotated bibliography format

Choose your sources Before writing your annotated bibliography, you must choose your sources. Contents of an annotated bibliography An annotation may contain all or part of the following elements depending on the word limit and the content of the sources you are examining. How should my annotated bibliography look when it's done? You will also find a sample MLA annotated bibliography, a sample annotated bibliography APA template, real-life examples, and opportunities to practice what you have learned. Writing the Description If you are creating a list of references with annotations as part of an assignment, forming the written portion of your annotation begins with identifying the format requested by your teacher or professor. Critically Appraising the Book, Article, or Document For guidance in critically appraising and analyzing the sources for your bibliography, see How to Critically Analyze Information Sources. What supporting evidence does the author provide? Critical Annotation A critical annotation will judge the source in question; it can include positive and negative comments. For instance a critical annotation could talk about the tone or bias of the author in the source and whether it was helpful or not in proving its thesis. As you are addressing one text at a time, there is no need to cross reference or use in-text citations to support your annotation. Annotations are descriptive as well but they are also more than that; they include discussion and sometimes criticism of the source on a variety of issues such as whether the source is well written or if you found the argument made in the source to be convincing or not. Your sources may be organized alphabetically by author or title, by the publication date, or by subject.

Hopefully, the examples of annotated bibliography images below will help clear up any confusion! For information on the author's background and views, ask at the reference desk for help finding appropriate biographical reference materials and book review sources.

While an abstract also summarizes an article, book, Web site or other type of publication, it is purely descriptive. This article is distinctive in exploring the controversy surrounding video games from a generational standpoint and is written for a general audience. Keep in mind that identifying the argument of a source is a different task than describing or listing its contents.

The summary needs to be concise please note the following example is entirely fictitious. New York: Berkeley.

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It differs from a straightforward bibliography in that each reference is followed by a paragraph length annotation, usually — words in length.

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Annotated Bibliography