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It works to secure the economic stability of farmers. Looked at in this way, assessment becomes not only multi-faceted but multi-layered in ways that are seldom visible in the assessment encounters of individuals. The European Union is an economic and political union of 27 member states which are located in Europe — its roots are with the EEC which was formed in World Assess the role of social and economic groupings in the world today.

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Groupings may also work in the benefit of the environment. Increased pressure on available land and increasingly educated and competent local communities can lead to high costs for public acceptance of complex projects with adverse risks and effects.

Assisting communities and other stakeholders to identify development goals, and ensuring that positive outcomes are maximised, can be more important than minimising harm from negative impacts.

This can be achieved in the process of doing an SIA, through adopting a participatory and democratic research process.

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Social impact assessment