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A grandmother continues to show up to be in her granddaughter's life, even when not welcome. Get full reviews, ratings, and advice delivered weekly to your inbox.

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Take time to appreciate life's blessings. Then we got a call that said, 'Not only did we cut your song, but it's the next single!

God is in control!

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Let me tell you, don't listen to everyone else. It could also be about how you met your best friend or how you found the Lord. He's always been there and always will be. Everyone shows terrible judgment all around, except for her friends from church Robin Givens and Jordin Sparks who have the good sense to show up with a ziti every now and then and find her a new home. We got to talking about the circuitous route you take in life and how sometimes you think things are horrible and are never going to get better, but they lead you to something that ultimately is a lot better, whether it's a relationship, spiritual path, business or whatever. Facebook is mentioned. Put love into action. Hanna recalled the story of the song to The Boot: "In , when Matraca [Berg] and I got back from our honeymoon, Marcus and I got together to write," he said. Lindsay Pulsipher stars as Amber, a widow with a young daughter, Bree Makenzie Moss , who loses her faith when her husband is killed in Afghanistan. Diversity in the film's Kentucky community, including a church with a black pastor and congregation of various ethnicities.

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The denizens of the small town, seemingly straight from the s, are awfully judgmental of the young pair. Subscribe User Reviews.

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