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The genre of the choral concerto the cycle of three—four contrast movements became traditional in liturgic music of Degtyaryov, Vedel, Bortnyansky, Berezovsky, Davydov, and Turchaninov. In my opinion, while despotism may appear an effective form of government, I think that it is too much for one person to handle on their own and can even turn someone who set out with good ideas and intentions, like Catherine, into what could be considered a tyrannical ruler, only looking out for his or herself and maintaining his or her power on the throne.

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One of the first things that she did to revive the Russian literary scene was to spend 5, rubles for the founding of a society for the translation of the classics and other important books The government and Catherine II of Russia herself patronized and supported the school from the date of its establishing emphasizing a significance of land management and special surveying education. Throughout her time as ruler of Russia, Catherine promoted westernisation and modernisation, in an attempt to put Russia at the same level as the other major countries of the world. Since the institution of the board, therefore, the judge and the members of the gentry's court, the burghers' court and the peasants' court were all elected locally. In order to popularize literacy and expedite the spread of knowledge, she deliberated with pioneers of education from Britain such as Daniel Dumaresq and Dr. She was believed to be a compulsive collector of paintings. Her reputation as an "enlightened despot," however, is not wholly supported by her deeds. It proposed a system providing equal protection under law for all persons and emphasized prevention of criminal acts rather than harsh punishment for them.

Title page of Catherine II's Nakaz His action culminated in a major European conflict, the Seven Years' Warin which he was pitted against a powerful European coalition of Austria, Russia, and France.

Voltaire also interested Catherine on an intellectual level, as they shared a common interest in politics, philosophy, and literature. Unfortunately she was unable to carry out the entire plan; but she did add to the number of the country's elementary and secondary schools, and some of the remaining parts of her plan were carried out during succeeding reigns.

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As a result of the second war, Russian gained control of the Yedisan region. The arts and sciences received much attention during Catherine's reign not only because she believed them to be important in themselves, but also because she saw them as a means by which Russia could attain a reputation as a center of civilization.

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She was left with no choice but to take drastic measures to restore the country's political and economic systems. She agreed, further increasing Russia's profits from foreign trade from zero to 1, rubles in yielding a customs and exercise revenue ofrubles Voltaire saw the Turks as fundamentally uncivilized, and thus Russia's expansion course as a crusade, not for religion, but in the name of enlightenment.

Birdsall S. By being a leader who led Russia into peace and prosperity, Catherine might make her detractors think that she is deserving of the title of Empress after all.

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