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By far the most common problem they report is that their sales forces maximize sales rather than profits. The authors conclude that while the survey responses indicate the number of Irish companies with a formal code of ethics increased substantially between andthe code content is primarily focused on issues related to company and employee protection while neglecting society protection.

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Based on the findings from this study, He concludes that large corporations not only present codes as window-dressing for the general public, but these large corporations also coercively pass responsibility for ethical, environmental and social issues down the supply chain through internal sub-organization level codes. This drug is a profitable and effective drug, and years later shows no significant side effects. The content analysis is based on frequency of mention of items within three categories: environmental, employment, and economic. Most studies are based on suggestions and empirical findings from prior literature, although for papers published in and beyond we see the emergence of explicit theory to motivate and direct the study e. Further experiments using different stories from inside and outside business revealed the same general pattern: Participants judging on the basis of just one scenario rated actors more harshly when they carried out an ethically questionable action themselves directly than when they used an intermediary indirectly. But after selling the rights to manufacture and market the drugs to Ovation, Merck continued to make Mustargen and Cosmegen on a contract basis. The control variables of profitability, financial leverage, and primary shareholder influence also have a significant negative relation to code of ethics quality. This will help head off unintended consequences and prevent employees from overlooking alternative goals, such as honest reporting, that are just as important to reward if not more so. As the deadline approaches, he notices that if he had four more data points for how subjects are likely to behave, the analysis would be significant.

Discriminatory application of the company code will render the most well-written code ineffective. Over the course of 16 rounds, the estimates rose to suspiciously high levels either incrementally or abruptly; all of them finished at the same high level.

Just having the code is not good enough.

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The study finds that the CCEs follow a standardized or replicated strategic approach, even though most of these Australian companies operate internationally or globally.

However, during the last decade, there has been an increasing preponderance to collect codes directly from company websites rather than requesting copies from company personnel, which perhaps reflects greater transparency by corporations.

Since compliance departments do not generate revenue, it can be tempting to dismiss compliance as a back-office drain on costs.

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Several studies notice a convergence of corporate codes in the U. The authors downloaded the code of ethics from the websites of the Fortune US and Fortune Global companies, and performed a data-mining analysis of the content of these codes to determine the frequency of key ethical words contained in the codes. Changes Across Time Several studies focus on changes in the content of codes across time. What can you do to head off rather than exacerbate unethical behavior in your organization? The author concludes that there are six universal moral values: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship. Of course, this requires a detailed allotment of time spent, so some firms have assigned codes to hundreds of specific activities. Many law firms, increasingly aware that goals are driving some unethical billing practices, have made billing more transparent to encourage honest reporting.

Root out conflicts of interest.

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