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It is significant that initially, in the first dance, Kate resists joining in but finally succumbs to the dance, expressing her own containment but 'alone, totally concentrated, totally private; a movement that is simultaneously controlled and frantic', ritualizing her repressions in the garden, alone DL, p.

But this does not diminish the interrogation or the implications of the play.

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So your surprise at the universally praised Dancing at Lughnasa nothing less than four stars and five for the most partshimmering with erstwhile Corrs frontwoman Andrea in her stage debut, means you need to mug up on Brian Friel's most celebrated play and have your critical line straight.

Jack Mundy Jack, fifty-three, also referred to by Michael as Uncle Jack, is the brother of the five women, and uncle of Michael.

He is an example of the Dionysiac spirit commodified as experience When the prospect of going to the Lughnasa dance is raised, it literally unleashes enthusiasms which unnerve Kate, the ideological mainstay of the family.

Dancing at Lughnasa opens with a monologue by Michael, who introduces his nostalgic memories of the summer ofwhen he was seven years old, and the five Mundy sisters, who raised him in rural Ireland, acquired their first wireless radio.

Monologue The character of Michael as a young man appears in the play addressing the audience directly in a series of monologues that introduce, explain, and conclude the play.

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The Dancing Body: Dancing at Lughnasa