Damaged by cathy glass essay

But Cathy had no idea what she and her family would be in for.

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You are one of those Angels sent from Heaven. You have inspired me to think I may be able to help in some way with neglected children. I am looking forward to reading your next book Cut. You are such an incredible person, and I would love to foster when I am older, you have given me this inspiration and encouragement to do this.

Dear Cathy, I can tell you that I am not cursing myself for having gone to Tesco on a rainy day, hoping to buy vegetables, and ending up buying Hidden.

Damaged was one of the first. Even when I had finished I could not sleep for thinking about the suffering Jodie had been through, and the mistakes that social services made, especially, Eileen — asking you to give Jodie the Christmas present from her father not that he deserves to be called that.

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In fact quite a few monsters. I have just finished reading hidden. Thanks for a great read and I am looking forward to your next book. She also had a foster child who had been with her for two years. I cried buckets at the end. I read the book in 1 day and have passed it to my friend as she is tired of hearing me talking about it and wants to read it for herself. I really loved her writing. But Cathy proved that she was a real courageous lady and decided to help Jodie even as it was difficult. I am desperate to be an author, but I am now, thanks to you, desperate to be a foster carer. While she thought she would be able to manage the situation, she decided to try it. How I read them through the tears I will never know.

He did tell me things about what had happened to him and it is so heartbreaking. Thank you.

Damaged by cathy glass essay

You have helped so many children, yet there are so many more out there un-recognised and being abused and I strongly believe that if everybody makes an effort including the government to look at their immigration policies much of this can be reduced. Thank you for writing these books so the world can see the horror that these children have lived through. But this vending stall was looking so well, and there were like a hundred well-ordered books being offered for sale. I just want to say you are an inspiration to all of us. Jodie was very ungrateful during the day; she even continued being aggressive. I felt every emotion you portrayed throughout your experience with Jodie. One of her children Lucy had joined the family as a foster placement. I hope Tayo has a great life ahead of him.

It made such a change that the ending was so nice!!

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