Differences and similarities between highschool and college essay

The many similarities and differences between high school and college can help and hinder each student in his or her goals to achieve a good education.

What are the similarities and differences between college level and high school level writing

You can become a professional athlete in some sports from either high school or college. In high school, playing a sport was a much easier task. Although high school and college aim for the same goal, which is acquiring an education and graduating, the demands, expectations, and social atmosphere extremely contrast. Both college and high school are important to the development of our countries' youth. Despite not seeing them everyday at the same hour, they are there to teach and to help their students learn the material. In high school, nearly everyone lives at home, subject to their parents' rules and regulations. This was VERY important in high school, as it determines scholarships for college.

There are many similarities between high School and college as well as differences. Words:Paragraphs: 6, Pages: 4 Publication date: April 30, Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website!

compare and contrast high school and college thesis statement

Students are told about graduation requirements. Two of these steps are high school and college. The only similarity that college and high School have that involves money are that both cost money, college just is more expensive.

difference between highschool and college life essay

One of the biggest difference between high school and college lectures is that I am no longer forced to listen When I made the jump from high school to college, I found that there are vast differences between the two, and both had very diverse environments.

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A Comparison of High School and College