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However, in looser usage, an entire assembly including the surrounding axle housing typically a casting is also called an axle. Also, the torque centre portion is given a downward sweep. The axles in this system must also bear the weight of the vehicle plus any cargo. In the Elliot type front axles the yoke for king spindle is located on the ends of I-beam. The semi-floating axle is the simplest and cheapest of all other types and widely used on cars. The three most important properties of a grease includes i the melting temperature, at which the grease loses its semi-solid state, ii its resistance to contamination and dilution by water, and Hi its ability to withstand mechanical working before the grease breaks. With this construction, it takes bending loads due to the load of the vehicle. The nut on this non-adjustable hub are tightened fully to the correct torque value.

Types of Front Hub Assembly The stub axle construction depends on whether it is a driving or non-driving hub. An alternative bearing arrangement is presented in Fig. Non-driving Hub. The front axle also experiences a horizontal bending moment because of resistance to motion and this is of a nature similar to the vertical one but of very small magnitude and hence can be neglected except in those situations when it is comparatively large.

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Figure Such a design can keep the wheel positions steady under heavy stress, and can therefore support heavy loads. Thus, transverse pairs of wheels in an independent suspension may be called an axle in some contexts. Front axles are subjected to both bending and shear stresses.

The vertical bending moment thus caused is zero at the point of support and rises linearly to a maximum at the point of loading and then remains constant.

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This very loose definition of "axle" is often used in assessing toll roads or vehicle taxes , and is taken as a rough proxy for the overall weight-bearing capacity of a vehicle, and its potential for causing wear or damage to roadway surfaces. It is normally used in tractors. The reverse Elliot front axles have hinged spindle yoke on spindle itself instead of on the axle. It transmits only the driving torque. The front axles are generally dead axles, but are live axles in small cars of compact designs and also in case of four-wheel drive. Thus, transverse pairs of wheels in an independent suspension may be called an axle in some contexts. Vehicle axles[ edit ] Axles are an integral component of most practical wheeled vehicles. For steering the front wheels, constant velocity joints are contained in the axle half shafts. The axle is not supported by bearing at either end, and its position is maintained by the way that it is supported at both ends. Figure The pin that forms the pivot of this hinge is known as king pin or steering knuckle pin.

Thus the portions projected after the spring pads are subjected to combined bending and torsion. Whereas, in front wheel drive vehicles, the front wheels are the driving wheels.

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Types of Axles: Front Axle, Rear Axles and Stub Axle [Complete Guide]