How does culture affect human development

How does culture affect a childs physical development

International Journal of Behavioral Development ;24 1 What may appear to be cultural traits may, in fact, be behaviors shaped by economic incentives and thus amenable to change through changes in the underlying incentives. Huntington remarks how in the early s Ghana and Korea were broadly comparable in terms of income per capita, structure of production, and foreign aid. Research Gaps As aforementioned, a salient problem in cross-cultural work is the belief that an etic approach is superior to an emic approach. Chang L. Psychological Bulletin ; 2 Significantly, in the research area reviewed herein, there is relatively little known of Southern cultures or differences between Northern and Southern cultures ; thus, the review is focused mainly on comparisons between Western and Eastern cultures. Murdock, George Peter.

Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology. Some of the characteristics of culture is that it is symbolic, meaning it is based on symbols or abstract ways of referring to and understanding ideas, objects, feelings, or behaviors-and the ability to communicate with symbols using language; it is shared meaning people in the same society share common behaviors and ways of thinking through culture Bodley; it is learned socially Archer, ; it is adaptive, that is to say people use culture to flexibly and quickly adjust to changes in the world around them Findely, and Rothney, ; it is social meaning culture does not exist in isolation; it is transitive as it is transmitted from one generation to another; and it is continuous and cumulative because it exists as a continuous process.

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Relations between different types of children's aggressive behavior and sociometric status among peers of the same and opposite gender. Acceptance of the desirability of gender equality, for instance, does not mean that inequalities and injustices based on gender—deeply entrenched in all our cultures, to a greater or lesser extent—will suddenly disappear.

Effects of culture on early development of cognition and behavior

Child Development ;58 2 Child Development ;67 3 Child Development ;61 2 This shows that human development in some cultures is influenced by age, while in others by interest. Consider two very different cultural responses to menstruation in young girls. It is very rare to find any kind of people in this day and age who still follow that kind of lifestyle. Masai children. However, competition and cooperation appear to co-exist regardless of culture. Culture can also be defined as a set of values, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors shared by a group of people, communicated from one generation to the next via language or some other means of communication Barnouw, So, to take an example, the absence of a work ethic in the Soviet Union was not a reflection of some ingrained cultural trait, but rather was a natural response to an environment in which wage differentials were extremely narrow, promotion was not linked to performance, and life-time employment was more or less guaranteed. Huntington remarks how in the early s Ghana and Korea were broadly comparable in terms of income per capita, structure of production, and foreign aid. Thirty years later the contrast could not be more pronounced. Knowing how children coming from a different culture think and talk differently can help the teacher better interview them as part of an oral academic test, for example. But it can also be precipitated by social acceptance, by selective elimination and by integration. Publication does not imply endorsement of views by the World Economic Forum.

He may even put off and reject any attempts at future interactions. Young, K.

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In as much as this was a form of gender inequality, this culture also brought some form of human development as the men went out to provide for their families as well as develop their communities, while the women stayed at home cooking, taking care of the children and doing household chores which is a form of human development social were socializing of the children is involved. Easterly discusses the heavy burden on Africa associated with the historically arbitrary demarcation of international borders. But menstruation is addressed and girls receive information and a kit containing feminine hygiene products, brochures, and other items. Finally, a conclusion summarizing what the essay will discuss will be drawn. However, the notion that friendship is a voluntary, freely-chosen relationship may not be the case in all cultures. Harrison, Lawrence E. Bergeron N, Schneider B. But she may come from a culture were direct gazing is discouraged or even a sign of arrogance. Published on Jul 5, Abstract: This article engages in the development debate and whether culture inhibits development or whether culture is in fact a driver of development. Furedidi, F. Barnouw, V. The attempt to define culture is elusive as many may suggest. Various people understand human development on a wide variety of aspects.

Another important area is forensic investigations. Western researchers may well overlook the social convention of ren and thus, may inaccurately construe and assess the construct of social competence in Chinese culture.

How does culture influence a childs cognitive development

Thirty years later the contrast could not be more pronounced. Prakash K, Coplan RJ. The conclusion is that instead of development actors discouraging such a way of life, they can actually incorporate policies that would take advantage of these traditional structures as it brings a sense of ownership. Ren is a construct that encourages group harmony. Moreover, the functions and nature of friendship appear to vary across cultures. Barnouw, V. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology ;8 3 Do Race and Ethnicity Matter among Friends? International Journal of Behavioral Development ;24 1

So, in this type of way of life the women interpreted or viewed men as being superior over them and the men viewed the women as being their helpers. References: Landes, David. Giddens, A. For example, broadly, researchers typically discuss two cultural phenomena: 1 independent, individualistic, or Western cultures, and 2 interdependent, collectivistic, or Eastern and Southern e.

Tomada G, Schneider BH.

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