How does lack of motivation affect the workplace

Common organizational and managerial practices that kill motivation Managers who've been able to motivate their employees successfully realize how easy it is to achieve tasks when employees feel inspired. If you don't, your star performers will lose motivation, start to slack off, or worse yet, leave your department or organization for greener pastures.

According to Nicole Fink of Roberts Wesleyan University, low levels of morale cost American businesses hundreds of billions of dollars each year, much of which comes from unscheduled absenteeism.

Understanding the downside of low motivation can also help businesses avoid it in the first place. Note: They are called hygiene factors because like hygiene, their absence can lead to dissatisfaction, however their presence does not necessarily lead to satisfaction Rather, an extremely satisfied employee looks for the gratification of higher-level psychological needs motivators having to do with achievement, recognition, responsibility, advancement, and the nature of the work itself.

It's when external incentives such as money or prizes actually decrease a person's intrinsic motivation to perform a task because they begin to pay more attention to the incentive and less attention to the enjoyment and satisfaction they receive from performing the activity.

Boost employee's self-confidence in their work skills You can't be responsible for people's self-confidence but you CAN boost your employees' confidence about their work skills. Bottom line: Essentially, policies and procedures should be instilled to simplify organizational work processes, not make them more complicated and time consuming.

signs of demotivation in the workplace

Not only that, the manner in which communication is delivered is crucial: If it feels that all communication is a top-down process, with little possibility of feedback upwards, then the individual employee is more likely to feel of little consequence.

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What Happens When Employee Motivation Is Low