Importance of nursing theory to the profession of nursing

Last Updated: September 03, For example, a smoker who chooses to quit smoking and instead of smoking engages in an exercise to keep himself busy; his health is likely to change from bad to good or better.

importance of nursing theories as a basis for practice

In this case, nurses learn their responsibility in promoting health. Smith, M. Quitting smoking and exercising are examples of health promotion behaviors that Nola Pender proposes.

application of nursing theory in clinical practice

As such, managers rely on practices based on evidence to provide patient-centered care and take into account the well-being of the nursing staff. In this model, the nursing role includes raising awareness related to the health promoting behaviors.

Importance of nursing theory to the profession of nursing

In this theory, Pender argued that the health promotion behaviors have a way of resulting in improved health. Did I give much thought to nursing theories prior to becoming a student?

Applying nursing theory to practice problem

References Meleis, A. Theory can be based on a hypothesis or simply a collection or thoughts and ideas. After interrogating her, I realized that her weight was the main issue. Despite this one assumption that is not research based, the theory has a greater role in the nursing career. When it comes to health promotion, I will use the theory to educate my patients and society about the health promotions behaviors that they should adopt. In one of her assumptions, Pender believes that the services that the nurses give to the patients are for a lifetime. Nursing theories are often useful and inspiring. However, the theory was later revised in to incorporate more concepts.
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Importance of Nursing Theory