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Since I visit Bowling Green every other weekend, I decided to find a place there. The mosque was not all built at once, its construction lasted from AD to AD.

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So since I was unable to go to a Mosque I watched a video of a Friday service from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community which was filmed on Friday, November the 18th of A Hui variant on Chinese wooden structural vaulting gives the prayer hall monumentality, while the round minaret is of an unusual, non-Chinese design of uncertain date.

As a result, both men and women must follow this rule when they attend a mosque though mosques may not always enforce the rules.

Though reading, recitiation, and comprehension of the sacred text is recommended anywhere and anytime, Islamic sources reveal it is even more blessed of an activity inside a Masjid Mosque. Whenever he conquered a city that stood in the way of his army, he would bring back the artisans and materials to embellish his royal city of Samarkand.

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Within the esoteric teachings of Islam is an understanding that color is an emanation of the Divine. When a person enters a mosque he or she would have left the hustle and bustle of the material world and retreated into a calm shelter or sanctuary.

Throughout Islamic history, the mosque was the centre of the community and towns formed around this pivotal building.

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All of these early examples combine the Chinese tradition of courtyard design with specific Islamic features, unusual structural details, and alignments to the western qibla direction, at least within their own walls. Most mosques have a minbar or pulpit from which an Islamic scholar is able to deliver a sermon or speech. Thus is the great game of competing religious and political identities being played out in Xinjiang through the proxy of architectural style. Early examples include the Qubbat al-Sulaybiyya in Samarra, an octagonal and domed building, probably housing the remains of three ninth-century Abbasid caliphs; and Qubbat as-Silsila Dome of the Chain in Jerusalem. Uighur tradition adds elaborately carved and painted wooden-roofed open porches for prayer use in the hot summer months. This masjid was built in the historic capital of the Ottoman Empire in , which also contains a tomb of its founder — Sultan Ahmed I. The word "Islam" is an Arabic word that means "submitting and surrendering your will to Almighty God. In Sunni Islam the term Imam is used principally as a title and has minimal importance in theology.
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Mosques and Islamic Identities in China