Main characters in the glory field

They hitchhike a truck thats going to Florida. She is very supportive of her son and his musical efforts. Turner his son back. Bob Archer At the end of the segment, Bob Archer drives Tommy home after he spends the night in jail, and then helps guard the Lewis home with a shotgun.

themes in the glory field

Shep goes to the bathroom and gets sick. She is worried about Lem, but no one knows what his punishment will be. Sheppard G.

Brooks In the segment, Mr. What land did the Lewis family acquire after the war between the North and South? At home, it is found that Skeeter has been beaten up by white men, and that he might lose his eye. By the segment, Luvenia is the matriarch of the Lewis family and helps organize turning the family land into a resort.

He shackles worn by his countrymen and hopes to help his countrymen and working as a freedom dream, unlike many of Elijah and Yero, and winning the Glory Field she has a teacher.

Main characters in the glory field

Jennie also briefly appears in the segment at the Lewis family reunion at Curry Island. Her grandson Elijah finds the boy with the help of another grandson, Abby. What type of reward is Mr. The best-known ragtime musician was probably Scott Joplin, who wrote many hit ragtime pieces for the piano including "Maple Leaf Rag. He goes to the shelter to see Shep. He fathers two sons, Abdul and Mary Hardin. Then Lizzy goes to see Lem with a jug of water. He is rescued by Elijah Lewis and others. By the segment, Moses is the patriarch of the African American Lewis family of former slaves. Instead, Lizzy follows her feelings for Lem and visits him at the tree, then runs away with Joshua and Lem. Sheriff Glover decides to go with the two.

Lizzy goes back to say good bye and is caught in a tricky situation when Julia starts calling for her.

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