Marketing mix of citycell

There are four parts in BCG box. Citycell also revamped its entire line of communication and introduced a changed logo as consumer interface.

Marketing mix of citycell

Bangladesh is the first South Asian country to adopt cellular technology back in by introducing Advanced Mobile Phone System. The name signified tariff of Tk 0 for calls to one Citycell number of the subcriber's choice, Tk 1 for calls to two other Citycell numbers, Tk 3 for calls to all other Citycell numbers and Tk 4 for calls to all other networks. For this customer can get more benefit from them. Market skimming that is setting price at the highest level that accompany can set. Instead they can try to increase their distribution channel where the market potential is high; the market is growing, emerging. At a certain point companies started realizing the difficulties faced by the mass. It should be noted that while CityCell offers numbers talking at half rate, to both its pre and post paid customer, other companies are offering 1 for their pre-paid and 3 for their post-paid customer. Jan Citycell launched its services in the major northern business city of Bogra. The products gets distributed through their won company vehicles and in some cased they take the help of physical distribution firms. In the then government awarded three GSM licenses aimed at breaking the monopoly and making the cellular technology affordable to the general masses. In terms of market capitalization, HWL is one of the largest companies listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange. Feb First operator in Bangladesh to introduce the One2One post-paid package. Why Market Segmentation?

This is especially worrying after what is perceived to be by many industry insiders a concerted effort by GrameenPhone to make headway into the corporate market — a domain that was once almost exclusively under Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Limited. The way Banglalink has reshaped the Bangladesh telecom market and made mobile telephony affordable to everyone, in that same spirit they would like to reshape the mobile internet market by offering superior 3g experience at affordable data tariff plans to bring the service to every common Bangladeshi.

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They already have control over a good share of the market. Their inherent emphasis is on quality, not cheapness of service. Human Resource Management They have a high skilled and educated people who are working for the company to achieve their mission and objectives. For example: CITYCELL can offer the service to their employees or their families and asses their responses to variation in marketing mix promotion, pricing, etc. Their Network Coverage At present they have a comparatively large number of areas under network coverage. Competitive Reaction The market is very competitive in deed and as a new company it has to compete with the five potential companies. Robi Axiata Ltd: Branded as Robi 4. There are six mobile phone operators in Bangladesh.

In this plan customers get credit added to their balance when they receive calls from other Citycell subscribers. Inwe provided iftar and dinner for more than 12, orphans of orphanages across the country. Banglalink continues to play an active role in the area of corporate social responsibility.

Firm infrastructure Firm infrastructure means- total transportation system, buildings, bank balance, man power, Physical structure, network tower. Since, each information they give concerns the inside of the company, the marketing manager could mot give us information on questions such as how do they increase the market share, how do they develop the existing products or when and how do they reduce the prices.

Citycell has been established marketing 4p for their company because without 4p business can not starting. This is done by the services marketing department under CSO and also by corporate sales department under Marketing.

The previous packages were as following — 2. Different sections under this department are Commercial, Fund Management, and Budgeting. Human Resources Human Resources Department functions in the following distinct sections: Banglalink believes that their teamwork is our greatest asset.

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