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She likes to take it pretty easy being elderly but she still is never bored. In this essay the character of Miss Strangeworth is described through her physical description, family, lifestyle and her hobbies.

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At 71 her physical features are quite typical of an elderly woman. One example from the story of her having an organized lifestyle is that she has tea the same time every day and takes a nap the same time every day.

Library of Congress. This is a common opinion that has also been voiced by many other admirers of Jackson such as Paul Theroux and Neil Gaiman.

This is because she always seems very nice and polite to people when she talks to them but behind their back she often writes nasty things about them in her letters.

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She believes that since her and her family before her was born and raised on Pleasant Street she is a little bit better than everybody else. When she is mailing some of them, one is dropped on the ground and one of her neighbors whom she had once made a subject of her uncouth letters notices, and, feeling kind, delivers it to the intended recipient unaware the letter is meant to be anonymous.

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Some other interests include keeping up on local gossip and playing bridge with her buddies. Retrieved She also takes great pride in the orderliness of her house, as well as her family roses.

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Style[ edit ] As with The Lottery, many believed this to be fiction for precisely this reason. Many literary critics believe that a great deal of symbolism is in her name. Plot[ edit ] Miss Adela Strangeworth is described prominently as a harmless old lady in the beginning of the story. In this essay the character of Miss Strangeworth is described through her physical description, family, lifestyle and her hobbies. Critics have commented Dave to be an anti-villain, that is to say, hated in the eyes of the protagonist, yet truly a good person. However, though the majority of reviews have been indisputably positive, in an article in The Spectator on Jackson, the columnist referred to this being, though above average for her usual work, undeserving of the acclaim that it has gathered, that it gained success only through it being published soon after Jackson's death. She often goes into town, is sociable and is liked. Miss Strangeworth came from a very wealthy, respected and proper family that shaped her into a more complete character. Her lifestyle is very organized and careful. He receives a poison pen letter. Her cruelness can be explained through her nasty letters, but probably not through her genuine love of roses.
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Miss Adela Strangeworth Essay Example