Mitten crab invasion solution

It is an intermediate host for the Oriental lung fluke, and mammals, including humans, can become infested by eating raw or poorly cooked mitten crabs.

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Land managers in Germany have already had to deal with the repercussions of mitten crab destabilization of dams and waterways. Crabs get entangled in gear, increasing handling time and cause damage to fishing nets.

Own picture, made in western Brandenburg, Germany. As warmer temps lure people onto the water, Smithsonian scientists are asking boaters to report any sightings of the elusive Chinese mitten crab. A catadromous species, the adults migrate downstream to reproduce in the brackish waters of estuaries.

The claws are equal in size, the shell carapace has four spines on either side, and reaches a width of approximately 3 inches 80 mm. Water is the economy in California. Some examples are the straightening of rivers, the alteration of river bank formations and the addition of toxins into the water.

In the Havel River, fishermen have long sought to bring crab population under control.

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The spiny carapace and legs of crabs damage fish catch. They consume a wide variety of plant and animal material, including algae, macrophytes, terrestrially derived detritus, invertebrates both hard and soft-shelled and will scavenge fish carcasses; also steal a wide range of bait from fishermen.

The mitten crab poses a potential human health threat.

Chinese mitten crab economic impact

Own picture, made in western Brandenburg, Germany. We will reply to each report and may also ask about any specimens that you may have collected. Why Should We Be Worried? The total cost of these damages has been estimated at around 80 million Euros. Can fishermen create a new market for these furry invaders? Mitten crabs are omnivores, eating both plants and animals. Its presence in North America is of particular concern since its prior introduction to and spread throughout Europe had significant adverse impacts. You can find additional identification information from California Department of Fish and Game. Most recently, the River Thames in England has experienced a population explosion of the crabs.

It was reported in that the residents of Greenwich saw Chinese mitten crabs coming out of the River Thames and moving towards the High Street.

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Chinese Mitten Crab