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It also shows very accurately the units involved in the assaults and demonstrates the various nationalities that took part in the greatest amphibious invasion in history. This pretty much is the grandpa to Saving Private Ryans Beach landing scenes; and while it doesn't show the brutaility of war like its younger version, it still captured the spirit of the battle while also showing the events play out from both sides. Without a doubt a movie that everyone should see Flag this review Matthew D Aug 15, An overindulgent war epic. The common soldier is useful only for anecdotes. The sequence combines beauty and terror. Authority is everything; rank is paramount. When FO David Campbell is sitting, drinking a beer, we see someone standing and playing the piano in the background.

In this movie, the sets are too clean, the language unrealistically puritan. Even Dwight D Eisenhower, the Supreme Commander of Operation Overlord who had been President of the United States for eight years, offered to appear as himself but the film makers thought it would be too difficult to make him look as he had been in and so his part was played by an unknown lookalike.

It's massive battles rival any war film's efforts, but the movie is bogged down with too much exposition with no feeling, constant switching of characters, bad green screen backgrounds, mediocre acting, and aimless plot.

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It's actually too much of a good thing. When General Cota meets up with General Thompson on the beach, he holds his cigar in his hand.

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Although it is not made clear in the film, the mm guns that could have fired onto both Utah and Omaha beaches had been recently moved because of the heavy bombing of the site.

LongestDay6 After the invasion begins, exterior closeup shots of an airplane dropping a canister shows it covered with water droplets. The film was directed by three hired hands Ken Annakin, Andrew Marton, Bernhard Wickiwho shared much of the work with the legendary producer Darryl F Zanuck, to whom this picture was an obvious pet project.

The movie concentrates on the drama of the vital first day when there was a real risk that the Germans could have driven the invasion force back into the sea.

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He landed in the garden of the local school teacher, a spinster who came out to see what all the noise was about. Many of us appreciate movies from different perspctives.

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The films fail to show that many of these ropes did not hit the target as they had become soaked in sea water during the landings. Zanuck used this to show the futility and waste of war. Only General Erwin Rommel believed that a landing in that area was a possibility. However, as was noted at the time and since the landings themselves are not very realistic. However violent, that world was morally coherent; it was governed by hierarchy and authority major stars played major officers. All the characters speak in their own languages The acting is hit or miss. Also, during this cut he uses both hands to take off his helmet, so where did the cigar go during this process?
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