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In living together, Peter and Pavel are redefining the typical American household and demonstrating how two single men can effectively band together to survive the frontier.

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Pavel is very sick, and Peter is worried that he will never get better. In one sense, then, Jim does not get very far, metaphorically speaking, following his guide.

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Her characters avoid sexual union with significant and sometimes bi- zarre ingenuity, or achieve it only in dreams. Winters were harsh, bringing extremely cold temperatures, heavy snows, and bitter winds that whipped across the prairie with nothing to break them.

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The theme of cultural separation between new immigrant families and "Americans" is a central one in the novel. He goes on to specify two different types of characters in narrative: "those who are mobile, who enjoy freedom with regard to plot-space, who can change their place in the structure of the artistic world and cross the frontier, the basic topological feature of this space, and those who are immobile, who represent, in fact, a function of this space"in de Lauretis No wonder Krajiek got the better of these people, if this was how they behaved.

These stories brought her to the attention of S. Toward the end of his life, Professor Godfrey St. Jim had many good qualities about him Lena, the archetypal Woman, beckons him to full sexuality. In My ntonia and other writ- ings, Cather reflects her respect for this tough landscape as well as her love of its austere beauty. I had only to close my eyes to hear the rumbling of the wagons in the dark, and to be again overcome by that obliterating strangeness" The aura of childhood is intensified subliminally, poetically, by the powerful creation of a maternally infused world. In My ntonia, the prologue introduces n- tonia and the motif of childhood simultaneously, for her name is linked with the country, the conditions, the whole adventure of. I did not say my prayers that night: here, I felt, what would be would be. Through an empty conformist marriage, Jim avoids danger. I cannot imagine a more graphic representation of underlying sentiments than we find here. Soon Otto Fuchs, a hired man, comes to pick them up.
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