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Couselors today use techniques such as pharmacological intervention and cognitive and behavioral therapy. I believe many of the theories we discussed in 1 class didnt even take into account culture or background and I believe that makes a monumental difference.

Photocopies were not allowed. Of note, male and female students at that age both reported liking math. As I was younger and going through high school, extrinsic motivation definitely was present.

As expected learning outcomes of this course are that students are aware of your practical theory and become familiar with some learning theories as well as we are able to relate our practical theory to the theoretical knowledge to get new insights to your work as a teacher.

Some professors from France, during a lecture or speech, apologized before referring to an example taken from one of their own publications.

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As discussed prior, my parents always motivated me to excel in learning. Having my teachers facilitate as to the importance of what I should be learning, but ultimately by self-discovery finding the knowledge through the activities by myself. I do not want to mock or discourage scholars from forging their personal theories in their field: that is what they are being paid for! My role is also to encourage students to seek out information needed from various sources and critically analyze and synthesize them in a meaningful way. Related Interests. I utilize several different theories and strategies in my role as a counselor. Ultimately, if given real life scenarios they will be able to construct their knowledge and solve real world problems. There is an interdependence between individual and social processes in learning, where the learners participate in a broad range of joint activities such as semester projects and internalize the effects of working together in multicultural teams, they acquire new knowledge of the world and culture. Self-discovery rings true to how I learn best. In this post I will attempt to verbalize my practical theory of learning with the help of the following questions set by our instructors: What is most challenging or difficult in learning your subject? As I was younger and going through high school, extrinsic motivation definitely was present. My role in the process of teaching and learning my subject is to act as a guide and a model for the behavior I expect my students to to learn. In summary, my personal learning theory is as follows: from my personal background and culture, and motivation from each, learning is best engaged through a constructivist approach. All expenditures in a school have to be justified, demonstrating a change in externalizing behaviors is one way to do this.

The role of interaction was vital between genetic dispositions and experiences; between different people; and between individuals and their culture.

This makes the content more meaningful and motivates them to participate. Often, a diverse approach or the use of several approaches is best for the resolution of problems. In this situation, the learner is drawing from their first language, which is part of their sociocultural background.

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My Personal Learning Theory