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Libyan Palette another well-known Predynastic Egyptian palette Warka Vase a comparable contemporaneous work of narrative relief sculpture from the Sumerian civilisation. This shows that that job was probably at least generally a female job, and the job of the sandal bearer a male's job.

Updated February 07, The Narmer Palette is the name of an elaborately carved shield-shaped slab of gray schist made during the Old Kingdom of Dynastic Egypt ca.

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The images above the victim's head may seem to support the latter interpretation: a falcon, without a doubt a symbol of the king, is perched on top of some papyrus plants that sprout from a marshland. He is also shown with a left leg stepping forward which is a traditional male attitude in ancient Egyptian art either a military march or simply to make a balance for the whole body.

This was based on the assumption that both crowns have always had their traditional geographical significance, but even if this were correct, the palette doesn't prove that Narmer didn't already wear the Red Crown before.

Before this man are four standard bearers, holding aloft an animal skin, a dog, and two falcons. He came from the south and succeeded in unifying the Northern land together with the Southern land, putting them both under his control.

Below the procession, two men are holding ropes tied to the outstretched, intertwining necks of two serpopards confronting each other.

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The Narmer Palette