Need for speed most wanted ps2 release date

Upon arriving, they meet with Mia Townsend Josie Maranwho offers to help them get started, while crossing paths with Sergeant Nathan Cross Dean McKenzie - the city's top traffic officer in the Rockport Police Department RPD who drives a custom-painted Chevrolet Corvette police interceptor - who seeks to bring down the "Blacklist", a group of the fifteen most-wanted drivers sought by the RPD.

Each Blacklist Racer has six rewards they can offer when defeated.

Need for speed most wanted ps2 release date

When players become engaged in a police pursuit, usually from conducting a traffic offence referred to as "Infractions" in the game in sight of a police unit such as speedingtheir aim at this point is to escape from the pursuit by either evading or taking out pursuing vehicles.

Summary: Combining the thrill of illicit street racing and tuner customization with the intensity of strategic police pursuits that rivals any Hollywood-style chase scene, Need for Speed Most Wanted challenges players to become the most notorious and elusive street racer.

The title of the game is based on the numerals "", which is the police code for street racing. The player must defeat each successive member in order to advance in the career mode. Players can view a statistic screen at any time during this mode to view their records regarding infractions, cost to state, deployed tactics and pursuit lengths.

Up to 4 players can participate in an online race and can race in 4 game modes including circuit, sprint, lap knockout and speed trap.

While Racing events focus on the game's main series of racing events which earns money when won, Milestones focus on completing specific objectives, most of which usually involve being involved in a police pursuit and raising the player's Bounty - a form of currency detailing how much trouble the player has caused for the police in the game's setting, based on the number of offences and damage to property they had caused.

Initially, players begin by completing a tutorial sequence of events to ease players into the game, whereupon they must choose a car to use for the rest of the game. Gameplay[ edit ] In the game, players take part in illegal street races across Most Wanted's setting, utilizing a variety of licensed real-world cars available at the time of the game's development and release that can be upgraded and customized with new parts, while contending with the involvement of the police in their efforts to impede the player.

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The recommended hardware or above has a similar frame rate to the Xbox version. The player successfully evade the cops by reaching it and leaves Rockport. Although police units will mainly impede a player if they begin pursuing them in a race, they will attempt to arrest them when in Free Roam. Cross, angered at Mia's inaction to arrest the player as well, calls in a city-wide police hunt for them. Unlike in Underground , which first introduced the gameplay mechanic, Nitrous Boosts recharge over time, thus allowing player to re-use when needed. From then, the player starts to climb up the Blacklist with the goal of defeating Razor once and for all. After defeating Razor, Cross sends the entire RPD after the player, and informs them that they helped in the arrest of the Blacklist racers.

In free roam mode, which is only accessible in career mode, the player may drive to a race event or shop location or become involved in a pursuit. Challenge Series The Challenge Series includes 68 regular events and 2 additional special events in which the player is tasked with either beating a target time in a Tollbooth event or beating a milestone within a pursuit.

Much of the game's events and story take place in a fixed time-period between sunrise and sunset, compared to previous title that took place at night.

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