Pakistan energy outlook

Further, one license for construction of production and storage of LPG facility is also issued by OGRA which shall result in improving supply and distribution of LPG as well as create job opportunities in the sector. As a result, Pakistani households use a mix of technologies to power their homes and businesses.

pakistan energy mix 2018

In the present electricity crisis recently government allowed sugar mills to supply their surplus power up to a limit of MW to the national grid. Approximately 50, tonnes of solid waste,tonnes of crop residue and over 1 million tonnes of animal manure are produced daily.

According to a study about Balochistan and Sindh region in Aprilit was appraised that households use on average kg of wood in winter and kg of wood in summer while in Sindh the numbers are kg and kg respectively.

Gross domestic product and population are the major drivers behind the growing demand for energy. According to WHO estimates indoor air pollution is responsible for more than 50, premature death per year in Pakistan.

Large sugar industry in Pakistan also generates electricity from biomass energy for utilization in sugar mills. Integration of electricity generated from biomass energy to the national grid can ease the electricity shortage in the country. The micro - hydropower sector has been relatively well established yet.

The rising oil price along, withe the rising demand for uninterrupted power, is creating additional pressure on the already fragile electricity grid of Pakistan. Some even incorporate high pressure boilers to increase efficiencies.

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