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Join our public beta directly through Google Play! Updated 10 best document scanner apps If we missed any of the best stylus apps or S Pen apps, tell us about them in the comments!

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Continue Reading. However, these are much easier with a stylus. Handwriting recognition has been around for decades, starting with the PalmPilot and the Newton MessagePad from the This feature identifies the amount of pressure being laid onto a screen and then keeps you from adding unwanted pressure to whatever it is you are trying to write. They all make for great stylus and S Pen apps. Google's Handwriting Input app is a decent option. If you are on the hunt for a feature-packed note-taking app, look no further. You can easily share the notes as an image. Pen to Print free Source: Serendi Ltd In a variation on the handwriting recognition concept, Pen to Print reads scanned, handwritten documents and converts them into editable, searchable digital text that can be stored on your device or within a cloud service.

Your notes are stored in the cloud, and iCloud synchronization means you can effortlessly access them on both iOS and macOS devices. They let you write your messages to people through the usual array of messaging apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Hangouts, and others.

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It lets you sign forms and send them where they need to go. The app is easy to use and offers a natural writing experience with three different pen types. This means that the encryption password is known only to you, and there's no way to recover the encrypted data if you lose or forget the password.

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Best Handwriting Apps For Android 1. However, these are much easier with a stylus.

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You can even speak a voice memo on the go, and the app will transcribe it automatically. All the content saved in Apple Notes can be secured with a password or fingerprint. The app's pen tool offers a choice of letter colors and thicknesses. Join our public beta directly through Google Play! Here are our picks for the best note-taking apps. Mazec intelligently detects your choices, learns specific phrases and even offers emojis — if you write "emoji" or a recognized emoji category name. Luckily, there are plenty of apps that can take advantage of the stylus. The app complies with the eSign Act so documents are legally binding.
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