Policy issues affecting the police essay

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While official figures show a drop in police recorded crime in the UK the distribution of crime shows a more complex pattern with violent crime showing a rise. Meanwhile, areas of emerging political instability and conflict interact with existing criminal networks to present risks not only to personal security but to basic state functions.

Anyone who does not follow the orders of the police, regardless of laws, is subject to police corruption and imprisonment. Clearly, computer scientists have the technical knowhow to create sophisticated security software but one needs to understand the nature of offences and victimisation in order to decide what to safeguard.

The police have become too comfortable, and think they can do anything they please in the name of justice. Dirty cops seem to be able to hide their dirty deeds, but after a while, their actions end up catching up with them.

Thus, imprisoning youths can establish a counter-productive dynamic of stigmatisation. A basic definition for police corruption is, when an officer gets involved in offenses where the officer uses his or her position, by act or omission, to obtain improper financial benefit.

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Police image is a vital ingredient in obtaining the public trust. Police officers have been known to take bribes for illegal things. Police officers played a prominent role in our lives growing up, some were looked at as role models, guidance counselors, but most of all they were our friends.

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