Psychological aspects of aging

psychosocial issues in elderly ppt

Contrary to popular belief, older people can still drive safely, run in the Olympics the Senior Olympics, of course and more good news: older people maintain an interest in sex all of their lives, if they are healthy. This increase in life expectancy to well beyond 80 years of age is the result of better public health measures, improvements in living conditions, and advances in medical care.

Social aging

Paraphrenia is not universally accepted as a distinct syndrome. They report of plots against them, focusing on family members, which are persistent, extreme, and elaborate. The next increases in life expectancy will, no doubt, come from medical research and technology. How would your response differ to a patient who has anxiety centred on falling, compared to a person with dementia and anxiety about walking outside? So like the proverbial Nike "swoosh," just do it! If the physiotherapist has knowledge of the possible psychological consequences they can refer on to colleagues and ensure a holistic approach to person-centred care is maintained. Share Today, in the United States, over 35 million persons are 65 years of age or older, accounting for about 13 percent of the population. This definition of old age is more a product of social perceptions and economic necessity than anything else.

The range of patients you will see encompasses people with anxieties born of their pathologies of a non-organic nature; e. Examine the significance of resilience, the process by which older individuals adapt to challenges associated with disability and declining health.

Cultures impose an order on this continuum of change in widely shared understandings of the life course, which partition the lifespan into different stages.

Good, because research indicates that this is called prospective aging, aging well, even productive aging. Psychology Gerontologists at the Baltimore Longitudinal Study have been following a group of older people for several decades. On the whole, exercise increases general well-being, renewing mental energy and drive, which is where the expertise of physiotherapist is most beneficial.

Clinical depression is often misdiagnosed; alcoholism is no respecter of age; up to 33 percent of all older people live alone, most of them widowed women over the age of 85; about 5 percent live in some type of long-term care facility, and almost 25 percent of all older Americans live within about percent of the federal poverty level.

So like the proverbial Nike "swoosh," just do it!

Psychological aspects of aging

The signs include loss of interest in life, neglect of personal appearance and hygiene plus expression of recurrent thoughts of death or suicidal ideas. Lewy Body dementia: presents with a very different patterns of symptoms including clouding of consciousness, paranoid delusions, complex visual hallucinations, falls, depressive symptoms and auditory hallucinations.

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Social and Psychological Aspects of Aging