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I have differentiated the position of law in England and India. Decision: It was held that the carpet in bales was not in a deliverable state.

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Hill [] K. He received a positive answer from each. It can likewise be somewhat oral and mostly composed. When the property in goods has not been passed to the buyer. The defendants were not liable for the price. It is not affected even if the seller has transferred the documents of title till he remains in possession of the goods. Whether the buyer is entitled to repudiate the contract and reject the goods? Where there is a breach of the warranty that the goods should be fit for a particular purpose, the rule again is that the damages should be such, as may naturally flow from the breach. Government of T. Transfer of all bill of lading may operate as transfer of constructive possession of the goods even though the property in goods has already passed to the transferee.

Therefore a breach of condition as to fitness was breached. In a majority of cases it is found that the warranty in question is not a warranty as defined in s 12 2but a condition which falls under s 13 2 to be treated as a warranty.

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Nonetheless, when a bankrupt individual's merchandise are sold under an execution of declaration, the individual may purchase back his own products from his trustee. Decision: It was held that the chemical was not fit for the use for which it was required or for purpose.

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In this manner, the arrangements of Chapter VII were revoked, appropriately corrected remembering the English Sales of Goods, and late legal choices of the time. The buyer can seek damages for non-delivery of goods, damages for breach of warranty or specific performance of the contract. Act 32 of provided for the payment of interest by way of damages in certain cases. Peter Conway Ltd. Subsequently, a separate Act namely Specific Relief Act, , was enacted to provide for equitable remedies including the remedy of specific performance. Aylesbury Dairy Co. He is duty bound to give notice of his intention. This project is a result of an extensive research, study, hard work and labor that has been put into to make it worth reading. The court has wide discretion to impose conditions. However, his rule is subject to limitations where the breach has occasioned a special loss, which was actually in contemplation of the parties at the time of entering into the contract, that special loss happening subsequently to the breach must be taken into account. Since the defect of the goods could not be discovered by reasonable examination of the sample.

However a more rational view is that even in this case the date of breach should be taken to calculate the difference between the contract price and the sale price, and the buyer can recover this amount, along with an interest[xi].

Specific Performance Section 58 Subject to the provisions of the Specific Relief Act,in any suit for breach of contract to deliver specific or ascertained goods, the court, may, if it deems fit, on the application of the plaintiff, by its decree direct that the contract shall be performed specifically, without giving the defendant the option of retaining the goods on the payment of damages.

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