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Lab Chip.

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June Exploring media processes and products: Rediscovering Shrinky Dinks. There is little instruction, just !

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We used this to make some keychains for relatives for Christmas! It can be a fun craft project for young and old, but it comes with its frustrations, too. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by Mona crafting mom from Shrink Dinks Love this for school projects. Every gift was perfect and personal. Who knew? Arts and Activities. They love to watch them shrink in the oven.

Shrinky Dinks butterflies. Super hard to separate them.

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Most sets are pre-printed with outline images of popular children's characters or other subjects, which are then colored in before baking. When heated, the cut shapes become about nine times thicker while their horizontal and vertical dimensions reduce to about one-third the original size, resulting in hard, flat forms which retain their initial color and shape.

Made of plastic sheets they are heated and shrink down and get all gnarly, to the point of worry, before they straighten up and flatten up again.

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The base material consists of thin, flexible polystyrene plastic 6 sheets.

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Homemade Shrinky Dinks from Recycled Plastic