Snow globe family writing activities

Once the essay is finished, publish by printing or writing a final draft, and attach that draft to the snow globe perspective craftivity below! Sequencing — There are two stories going on in this book.

In groups of three or four, regardless of which perspective individuals prefer, brainstorm all possible pros and cons of living inside of a snow globe.

NOTE: If you are doing the simpler writing activity narrative about life inside of a snow globestudents would create that scene inside their globe template.

Do you think the family in the big house will ever pay attention to the snow globe family? The book also says that the snow glob family really wants a blizzard.

You can also turn this writing activity into an adorable craft! Connections text-to-self, text-to-text, text-to-world — Possible text-to-self connections - Waiting for a snowstorm.

Possible questions after - I wonder if the family will now pay attention to the snow globe.

the snow globe family pdf

This forever freebie is exclusive to my blog readers only- it will not be in my TPT store. NOTE: You could also do a simpler writing project by having students write a narrative about what they imagine life would be like living inside of a snow globe.

the snow globe family

The materials that are shared may be forever freebies or may be free for a limited time. Sequence for the family in the big house. After reading the text, and discussing the way perspective was illustrated through words and images, students were assigned to take a position: Would you want to live from the perspective of inside a snow globe, or do you prefer to keep your current perspective, living outside of the snow globe?

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Mrs. Bremer's Class: The Snow Globe Family {FREEBIE PACK}