Support systems and business intelligence essay

Your time is important. It provides capabilities, such as update data records and files; trace data use with the DSS, et al. DSS Nature of the decision-making problem Instutional DSS deal with decisions of a recurring nature Ad hoc DSS deal with specific problems that are usually neither anticipated nor recurring what level within the organization they support Personal support An indiviclual user performing an activity in a discrete task or decision Group support a group of people,all of whom are engaged in separate but highly interrelated tasks Organizational support Organizational tasks or activities involving a sequence of operations, different functional areas,l possibly different locations, and mas- sive resources.

It provides the long term informational function e. An empirical study for 50 Finnish companies found most companies do not consider cost or time savings as primary benefit when investing in BI systems Hannula and Pirttimaki, It stores Historical data and once data is in the data warehouse, it will not change.

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As a tool, BI is used to deal with the existing data in the enterprise, and convert it into knowledge, analysis and conclusions, and then help the decision-maker to make a right and wise decision.

Set more profitable rates for insurance Premiums.

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It is subject oriented, integrated. Analyze: The second phase is analyzed.

Support systems and business intelligence essay
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Business Intelligence Essay