The continuing mystery of sids essay

Although an investigation into the death scene may seem insensitive considering the family's emotional state, it is the best way to reveal a possibly preventable cause of death.

what causes sids

Many people have different opinions. Normally, any unexplainable infant death is considered to be due to SIDS. An undiagnosed disease Despite emerging research, Dr. What nicotine does to the baby, it lowers the amount of oxygen, increases the heart rate, increases the risk of miscarriage and birth defects.

sids diagnosis

Nurses need to make sure that they have the information to teach new mothers about breastfeeding and the benefits to increase the wellbeing of the infant Goldstein, Dr. The best way to dress up your baby in your pajamas is like you do not need to use other covers for your baby.

He found that 5 percent carried mutations in a set of genes involved in sudden cardiac death. Carrie Arnold is an award-winning health and environment reporter based in Virginia.

when was sids discovered

A defect in the DNA? Numerous attempts have been made to discover the exact cause of this syndrome.

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