The debate over whether cryogenics methods should be used

Effects of deep hypothermic circulatory arrest with retrograde cerebral perfusion on electroencephalographic bispectral index and suppression ratio.

It's not a matter of waiting for some unkown magic to appear.

cryonics debate

Top-down control analysis of temperature effect on oxidative phosphorylation. Blood washout is performed successfully at a local mortuary, reducing body temperature to 3 degrees Celsius.

Cryogenic cooling of superconductors may be used to increase electric power transmission for big cities. Another problem afflicting cryonics cases is that many uncontrolled variables prevent us from developing objective criteria to compare one case with another.

cryopreservation of humans

Pathologies caused by global cerebral ischemia clinical deathby cryopreservation, and by other presently incurable diseases are similarly amenable to analysis and possible future repair.

Limited Support from Mainstream Science In the s scientists in mainstream laboratories investigated techniques to cryopreserve whole organs. I put fewer limits on the capacities of future technologies than do cryonicists like bgwowk.

Worst case is that we will know how to fix the damage when technology for general molecular manipulation becomes available because then we will have the general tools to restore tissue to a healthy state no matter what the damage is.

cryonics and cryogenics

One was a policeman performing rescue operations. We simply don't know where to draw the line between one patient who is potentially viable, and another who is not.

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Cryogenics Definition and Uses