The early life and times of julius caesar

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This allowed him to build a bigger military and begin the kind of campaigns that would cement his status as one of Rome's all-time great leaders. He altered the Roman calendar and reorganized the construction of local government. Pompey, on the other hand, had remained in Rome and strengthened his political position by appearing as a leader in a time of chaos.

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Between 58 and 50 B. Vercingetorix made the mistake of taking refuge in the fortress of Alesia, however. At the same time Caesar's conquests were well publicized. Our Videos Caesar and Cleopatra seemed to have become lovers shortly after meeting, perhaps even that very night, and he remained in Egypt with her nine months. One of the perquisites of the praetorship and the consulship was the government of a province , which gave ample opportunity for plunder. He made allies with powerful men such as the general Pompey the Great and the wealthy Crassus. Caesar was elected one of the curule aediles for 65 bce, and he celebrated his tenure of this office by unusually lavish expenditure with borrowed money. Just a year later, as Cinna prepared to meet Sulla's victorious legions as they returned to Rome, his own troops mutinied and Cinna was killed. However, he also wanted to stand for consul , the most senior magistracy in the republic. Disguised and assumedly with the help of substantial bribes, he escaped Rome and went into hiding in the Italian countryside. In doing so, he initiated the end of the Roman Republic and the beginning of the Roman Empire. How did Julius Caesar change the world? As Pompey further aligned himself with nobility, who increasingly saw Caesar as a national threat, civil war between the two leaders proved to be inevitable.

At the same time, the political situation in Rome was equally chaotic. He had made vast additions to the Roman Empire aboutsquare miles at the expense of peoples who had long been enemies of Rome.

The early life and times of julius caesar

This partial financial recovery enabled him, after his return to Rome in 60 bce, to stand for the consulship for 59 bce. The pirates were greatly entertained by his arrogance, which they attributed to the young man's age. The Senate was persuaded to reinstate him after he quelled public demonstrations in his favour. Caesar was elected one of the curule aediles for 65 bce, and he celebrated his tenure of this office by unusually lavish expenditure with borrowed money. Caesar's forces lost several battles to Vercingetorix and the Arverni. In 69 or 68 bce Caesar was elected quaestor the first rung on the Roman political ladder. The Roman governing class had consequently come to be hated and discredited at home and abroad.

Caesar was assassinated by political rivals on the Ides of March March 15th44 B. In time, the former allies went to war and met in final battle. In 67 B.

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Caesar sought to place his conquests in the best possible light, and the Commentaries stressed the importance of defending the friends and allies of Rome against traditional Roman enemies. His full name was Gaius Julius Caesar. A number of politicians saw Caesar as an aspiring king. Marius died early in 86 BC, but his followers remained in power. Thanks for watching! Pontifex Maximus[ edit ] The same year, Caesar ran for election to the post of Pontifex Maximus , chief priest of the Roman state religion, after the death of Quintus Caecilius Metellus Pius , who had been appointed to the post by Sulla. He was now a military hero from his years in the army. He became the head of the family and was responsible for his mother Aurelia and his sister Julia. According to Suetonius, the dictator in relenting on Caesar's proscription said, "Take him then, my masters, since you must have it so; but know this, that he whose life you so much desire will one day be the overthrow of the part of nobles, whose cause you have sustained with me; for in this one Caesar, you will find many a Marius. The conspiracy progressed with Caesar either ignorant of it or not recognizing the warning signs. He conquered all of Gaul. After having Pompey's assassins put to death, he met with the Egyptian queen Cleopatra. At the same time, Caesar was also careful to solidify his power and rule. For More Information Gelzer, Matthias.

There were accusations of bribery by all sides.

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The Early Years of Julius Caesar