The gold foil experiment

Rutherford experiment with alpha particles

They used gold since it is highly malleable, producing sheets that can be only a few atoms thick, thereby ensuring smooth passage of the alpha particles. It was almost as incredible as if you fired a inch shell at a piece of tissue paper and it came back and hit you. They tested this by shooting alpha particles at a thin gold foil. What is the Gold Foil Experiment Description The scientists bombarded a thin gold foil of thickness approximately 8. He expected ALL the rays to pass through - only some have bounced back. In fact, he saw almost all the particles go straight through. Nucleus The core of the atom, which consists of protons and neutrons. By means of mercury, the radon in B was pumped up the narrow glass pipe whose end at A was plugged with mica.

One such scientist, Ernest Rutherford, returned from helping the English track down German U-Boats to carry out one of the most important experiments in chemistry. The gold-foil experiment showed that the atom consists of a small, massive, positively charged nucleus with the negatively charged electrons being at a great distance from the centre.

The gold foil experiment

Most of this planetary atom was open space and offered no resistance to the passage of the alpha particles. The concept of nuclear fission, which is the addition of two nuclei, was also soon developed. Concept Definition Study the primary definition of this concept, broken into general, basic, and advanced English definitions.

why were alpha particles used in rutherfords gold foil experiment

But luckily, Rutherford was a very thorough chemist, and he also thought, it might be interesting to detect whether particles came, not just here, he didn't just put a detector screen here, he put a detector screen that went all the way around.

The electrostatic force of attraction between electrons and nucleus was likened to the gravitational force of attraction between the revolving planets and the Sun.

ernest rutherford experiment

But why was Rutherford expecting that to happen here?

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Gold Foil Experiment ( Read )