The past and present state of poetry

The philosophic mental tranquillity which looks round with an equal eye on all external things, collects a store of ideas, discriminates their relative value, assigns to all their proper place, and from the materials of useful knowledge thus collected, appreciated, and arranged, forms new combinations that impress the stamp of their power and utility on the real business of life, is diametrically the reverse of that frame of mind which poetry inspires, or from which poetry can emanate.

This is the origin of poetry, which, like all other trades, takes its rise in the demand for the commodity, and flourishes in proportion to the extent of the market.

The past and present state of poetry

Fallissue no. Hughes powerfully speaks for the second-class, those excluded.

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Poetry cannot travel out of the regions of its birth, the uncultivated lands of semi-civilized men. The founders of the new line of heroes took the place of the demi-gods of Grecian poetry.

History of poetry

He also reprinted the stipple engraving that opened the edition and, again, did not add his name to the title page. Some writers believe poetry has its origins in song. Aside from sexuality, Whitman dealt with forebodings of a country on the eve of the Civil War. Other than the "Walter Whitman" that appeared in the copyright information and the reference to a "Walt Whitman, an American" in the book's first poem, there were no other clues to his identity. His ideas, thoughts, feelings, associations, are all with barbarous manners, obsolete customs, and exploded superstitions. This, they insist, will be a more lasting commemoration. But he fully realized the obstacles to true African-American emancipation and acceptance in the house of American democracy. In the second poem of the edition, which would become "A Song for Occupations" in later editions, he explains: We consider the bibles and religions divine. African-Americans helped sing America into existence and for that work deserve a seat at the table, dining as coequals with their fellows and in the company of the world. Who knows how long our intertwined golden ages will last?

It would be difficult to draw the boundary of prose and blank verse between his letters and his poetry. Drawing upon the then-legitimate science of phrenology, he called for a reevaluation of sexual desire and sensuality in all forms, including homosexuality.

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History of poetry