The rule of kruschev the leader of russia after stalins death

stalin death

According to his son, Sergo, that was because Mikoyan had spent long days in Budapest desperately trying to save the Nagy regime, without success. A fervent believer in communism, he nonetheless preferred peaceful coexistence with capitalist countries.

His opponents gained strength, and in May came within an ace of ousting him. The state encouraged peasants to grow more on their private plots, increased payments for crops grown on collective farmsand invested more heavily in agriculture.

khrushchev policies

It is easy now to think that everyone knew Stalin was a tyrant, but at that time only an unlucky minority in the USSR believed it. He also stated that local wars must be avoided, for they could erupt into major ones as had been the case with World War I.

Although he alienated the Soviet military establishment, he insisted that the country could not match the United States for conventional military capabilities and that the nuclear arsenal was sufficient deterrence.

what happened after the death of stalin

I spent eight years in the camps.

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The secret speech that changed world history