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The prospect of a life s entence is not going to stop people who are acting impulsively, without thought to the likely consequences of their actions.

On the other coast, New York City reported a slight decline in homicides, 1, incompared with 1, inand they are clustered in 12 of the city's 75 police districts, places like East New York and the South Bronx. But is that price worth the benefit of limiting the crimes that could have been committed by prisoners if they were on the street?

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This is by no means to argue that fear of crime is unjustified. Three-strikes legislation will doubtless solidify our already singular position as the top jailer of the civilized world. Pennsylvania's proposed law treats prostitution and burglary as "strikes" for purposes of imposing a life s entence without parole. A total of , more people are expected to be imprisoned over the next 30 years--the equivalent of building an electric fence around the city of Anaheim. But critics said the bill neglected victims and was part of a broader movement by legislators to relax sentences. Recently, two of Mitchell's successors, Timothy Bluitt and Marvin Johnson, were arrested and sent to prison. In a January column appearing-- where else? But "3 Strikes" laws would create a huge, geriatric prison population that would be far more expensive to care for. Indeed, the RAND analysis showed that, more often than not, the third strike will accrue for a minor felony such as motor vehicle theft, as opposed to one of the serious crimes mentioned above.

The California Department of Corrections has estimated that three strikes will require the state to add 20 more prisons to the existing 28 and the 12 already on the drawing board.

Those just released from prison face a significant challenge.

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Early figures for show a small decline. The new three-strikes law will double the fraction of the general fund consumed by the Department of Corrections.

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The balance is now expected to shift sharply in favor of prisons. But Republicans attached an amendment that preserved youth detention in certain cases.

Countless examples are on record of convicts who have reformed themselves through study, good works, religious conversion or other efforts during years spent behind bars.

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To avoid that result, political leaders need to stop trying to out-tough one another and start trying to out-reason each other. California lawmakers and voters enacted the three strikes law in They now account for about one-sixth of all arrests for violent crimes. New approaches to the problem of crime are needed, but instead, our political leaders keep serving up the same old strategies. But if 34 million serious crimes are committed each year in the U. However, it seems unlikely that anyone would want to pay more for that than they had to. Senate has passed a crime bill that adopts three strikes as well as a major expansion of the federal role in financing state prisons and stiffening state sentencing policy. And how much will it cost? But Republicans attached an amendment that preserved youth detention in certain cases.

The message seemed to be that random violence is everywhere and you are no longer safe--not in your suburban home, commuter train, or automobile--and the police and the courts cannot or will not protect you. Only when we begin to deal with the conditions that cause so many of our young people to turn to crime and violence will we begin to realize a less crime ridden society.

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Wild Pitch: 'Three Strikes, You're Out' and Other Bad Calls on Crime