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This leads to immoral activities such as vandalism, burglary, substance abuse and gang activity. Truancy is often a symptom of a deeper problem.

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The examples of the social problems existing in Malaysia are. Some of the reasons why truant students would stop being truant or some students would not even slough in the first place are the fact that they wanted to graduate.

That individual, while sloughing, was arrested for shoplifting. Three main factors that contribute to poor eating are stress, bad habits that are instilled from a young age and mindless eating.

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The issue of truancy compromises schools ' primary function and places our young people at risk. Later, they may even forget the topics that teachers have taught in school.

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Some students that would not slough would not because they did not want to make up the work that they had missed while they were gone. Although it is not a serious problem, it must be nipped in the bud. Police patrols will also deter repeat offenders. This explains why students who play truant are mainly from the lower income groups. Teachers did not really seem to care all that much if you sloughed their class, some teachers would feel like their class was not good enough and try to change it. However, there are strategies to reduce truancy whereas the ministry take part overcome this problem by enhance skill of teaching, counselling service and organize lectures and campaign. Essay on What Causes Truancy? School dropouts are more likely to be unemployed as prospective employers are concerned about attendance of their potential employees. Hitting multiple problem areas at once is the key. Compounding the problem is the ease with which some pupils slip away unnoticed and how their school systems do not have in place a method to deter them. They do not think that students have enough responsibility to stay out of trouble. If the school faculty was to make lunch a little longer and start school a little later then maybe there would be a little less truancy. The school might call it truancy.

Participating in PESS will give children the knowledge and understanding to maintain a healthy weight and battle the growing problem of obesity government The boy was crushed by a truck. Thus, it is crucial for us to think twice before rebelling words.

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When the class teacher fail to take actions, the discipline master in this school could not perform my duty perfectly in the school. Students who play truant also have low self-esteem and become social misfits.

The demerit, to a large extent, reflects the low moral standard.

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Essay on What Causes Truancy?