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Not sure if you're a kinesthetic learner?

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Do you pay close attention to body language? Aural Learners Aural or auditory learners learn best by hearing information.

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Think about how each word sounds and chooses one. Could you be a reading and writing learner? Aim: The present study aimed to assess the diversity of learning styles amongst medical students of a medical sciences university which was located west of Iran, in For example, you might rely on your reading and writing preferences when you are dealing with a class that requires a great deal of book reading and note-taking, such as a history of psychology course. It is suggested that all medical students must be tested to determine their desired learning styles by using VARK questionnaire, also to choose appropriate teaching methods and to improve educational goals. If you responded yes to these questions, then you are most likely a kinesthetic learner. You are doing a group project for class. There will also be links to help you learn more about your learning style with your results! Data Analysis Data were reported as percentages of students in each category of learning style preference. In Fleming's model, which are often referred to as VARK learning styles, learners are identified by whether they have a preference for visual learning pictures, movies, diagrams , auditory learning music, discussion, lectures , reading and writing making lists, reading textbooks, taking notes , or kinesthetic learning movement, experiments, hands-on activities.

Things I can click on, shift, or try. You would prefer that it Was this page helpful? Before the questionnaire filling, the explanation which was needed was given to the students.

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For example, studies done by Alkhasawneh et al, on nursing students [ 8 ], Salimi et al. While aligning teaching strategies to learning styles may or may not be effective, students might find that understanding their own learning preferences can be helpful.

Kinesthetic Learners Kinesthetic or tactile learners learn best by touching and doing. You would: Take them to a park or wildlife reserve and walk with them.

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Many studies have been conducted on learning styles of medical students, that have highlighted the importance of this issue. Find it in a dictionary. So, the current study was undertaken to determine preferred learning styles of first year medical sciences students at Ilam University of Medical Sciences, by using VARK questionnaire.

A group of tourists wants to learn about the parks or wildlife reserves in your area.

Learning styles quiz printable

In total, 59 students Questions and Answers Removing question excerpt is a premium feature Upgrade and get a lot more done! E-mail: moc. More than half of them Reading and Writing Learners Reading and writing learners prefer to take in information displayed as words. Could you be a reading and writing learner? In order to identify which type of learner people are, Fleming developed a self-report inventory that posed a series of situations and respondents are asked to select the answers that best match their preferred approach to learning. See the words in your mind and choose by the way they look.
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Overview of VARK Learning Styles